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Author: Anjali Pawar 

Authors: Yogesh Modhave, Harshal Ashok Pawar

Authors: Vinay Nibre, Shantaram Naik

Authors: Harshal Ashok Pawar

Authors: Suprabha Devi, Rajeev Malviya, Vishal Gupta





Author: Anjali Pawar 

Abstract: I am very happy to introduce Issue-1, Volume-3 of an online e-journal entitled, “International Journal of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences (IJMPBS)”, which is a peer reviewed and subscription free open access journal. This issue comprises of one research and three review articles. This issue covers topics from the different disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences. A review article has provided a comprehensive insight about nanocrystals and drug delivery using silk nanospheres. The current issue deliberates about a systematic approach to be followed in pharmaceutical industry for cleaning validation. This issue also covers in depth discussion on sources, properties, and applications of galactomannans as an important excipient in pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Keywords: Editorial, IJMPBS, April-June 2023 issue.

2. Article ID. 0048 :  Overview of Solid Dispersion: Methods of Preparation and Pharmaceutical Applications

Authors: Girish Nihalani

Abstract: Solid dispersion is a versatile and widely employed technique in the field of pharmaceuticals to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs. This review article explores the various methods of preparing solid dispersions, the factors influencing their formation, and their applications in pharmaceutical formulations. The goal of this review is to provide a comprehensive understanding of solid dispersion technology, highlighting its importance in drug delivery systems.

Keywords: Solid dispersion, Pharmaceutical Applications, Drug delivery Systems, Solubility, Technologies.

3. Article ID. 0049  : Technology Transfer in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comprehensive Review

Authors: Sandip A. Pawar

Abstract: Technology transfer in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical process that facilitates the efficient transfer of knowledge, skills, and processes from research and development to manufacturing and production. This comprehensive review delves into various aspects of technology transfer, including its significance, challenges, best practices, regulatory considerations, and its impact on drug development and accessibility. By exploring the importance of collaboration and partnerships in the technology transfer process, this review aims to provide insights into optimizing technology transfer for faster market entry and improved patient access to life-saving medicines. The integration of best practices, adherence to regulatory guidelines, and successful cross-functional collaboration are essential for achieving seamless technology transfer and enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing efficiency. This review aims to highlight the significance of technology transfer in promoting drug accessibility and patient care while laying the groundwork for future advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Keywords : Technology transfer, Pharmaceuticals, Dosage forms, Regulatory guidelines, US FDA.

4. Article ID. 0050 : Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Shampoo

Authors: R.M.Hanwate*, Sairendree Patil 

Abstract: Shampoos are cosmetic preparations that are used to wash hair and scalp, packed in a convenient way for usage. The primary function of the shampoo is to clean the hair, accumulated sebum, scalp debris and residue of hair. A shampoo formulation must be safe and efficient for a longtime use. The use of polyherbal cosmetics are raising as they have few side effects. The main objective of our polyherbal shampoo formulation was to eliminate the harmful effects which are caused due to the synthetic shampoos available in the market. The formulated polyherbal shampoo powder consists of Ritha, Shikakai, Nagarmotha, Neem leaf, Henna, Hibiscus flowers. All these materials were collected shade dried and was made into powder. They were mixed together in respective ratios and the following evaluation tests were carried out – Organoleptic characteristics, powder characteristics, physicochemical evaluation, dirt test, foaming capacity, wetting time, etc. As the selected ingredients have been used since long time the present investigation will certainly help in standardization of quality and purity of polyherbal shampoo powder.

Keywords: Polyherbal, Shampoo, Formulation, Evaluation, Quality.

5. Article ID. 0051: Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Extensive Review

Authors: Harshal Ashok Pawar

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the pharmaceutical industry, revolutionizing drug discovery, development, and patient care. This comprehensive review explores the diverse applications of AI in the pharmaceutical sector, discussing its advantages, challenges, and future prospects. AI-driven techniques, including machine learning and deep learning, have accelerated drug discovery processes by expediting target identification, virtual screening, and drug repurposing. Predictive analytics optimize clinical trial design, while personalized medicine leverages patient-specific data for precise treatment plans. AI enhances drug formulation and manufacturing, improves pharmacovigilance and drug safety, and supports drug pricing and market access strategies. Despite its potential, challenges such as ethical considerations and data privacy concerns must be addressed. The integration of AI into existing workflows and regulatory compliance remain areas of focus. By overcoming these challenges, AI stands poised to reshape the pharmaceutical industry and pave the way for a more efficient, personalized, and impactful approach to drug development and healthcare.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Drug development, Pharmaceutical industry, Drug discovery, Drug repurposing.

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